“Ten Rules For Living With My Sister” (by Ann M. Martin)

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This is a lovely story that would suit most girls.

This book is filled with comedy, adventure, suspense, and best of all, SIBLING RIVALRY!

This book is about a girl named Pearl. She feels she can’t live up to her older and better sister, Lexie. She even made a comparison chart between herself and Lexie! When their grandfather moves in, they are faced with a BIG problem: Sharing a room!

“I think it’s a funny book and good for pranking your sister. ” said S.P.

This is a novel by Ann M. Martin. It is located in the Hutchinson Library! Whoever reads this book is in for a real treat! This book has lots of drama and adventure.

Look for this book the next time you have Library. If you can’t find it, it’s probably already taken!

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