The Immigrants of Pelham

PELHAM—Angela Mendiez is an immigrant from the Dominican Republic. Angela has been in America for 50 years! Angela first came to America when she was twelve years old with only her older brother and older sister. Her mother and father were already here. When I asked Angela where were her parents, Angela said,” My parents came to America TWO YEARS earlier than me.” When I asked her, why she said, “My parents needed a better job because people in the Dominican Republic don’t earn the money you do in America or any place else.”

Angela came to America in 1964 to New York City. Angela lived on Murberry Street. When Angela came to New York, she told me that, ”When I first came to America, I knew I loved America, I loved the fresh smell.  It was wonderful.”  I found out she doesn’t ever want to go back to the Dominican Republic.  She said she loves it more here in America, a lot more than the Dominican Republic. Even her mother says she likes it better here rather than the Dominican Republic! Even though both she and her mother think the Dominican Republic is beautiful, they don’t want to go back. Angela is happy with her life in America and wants to stay in America as long as she can.