5th Grade Ballroom Dancing Performances


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– On Tuesday, May 15th the 5th graders performed Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, and Jive in front of the students of Hutchinson School!

On May 18th, Friday, the astonishing performers performed in front of the parents and did a wonderful job! The 5th graders received 20 dance classes from the professional ballroom dancers, Mr. Delyan and Ms. Boriana. Some want to continue, but some don’t. They still put on a show on the dance floor, though! Boogie into how people thought about the experience!

TG stated, “It was a fun thing to watch, and I think that the 5th graders did well.”

SG exclaimed, “I think that all the people at ballroom dancing did really well at the dress rehearsal, and they looked spectacular!”

JS said, “I think the ballroom dancing performance was great because the kids put in effort and practice in the dances.”

Everyone who saw the dancing seemed to be respectful, and the 5th graders enjoyed themselves. The parents loved the performance too, and there was even a dance with your family member at the end! Look out, 4th graders! Because next year you’re in for a treat!