Ed Sheeran


Looking for a male vocal artist? Need to calm down from school or work? Then look no farther than Ed Sheeran!

Ed Sheeran is a male song writer. He has made so many hit songs like “Happier,” “Perfect,” “Galway Girl” and “Shape of You.”  “Perfect” was a song that was made for a girl that Ed really liked, and now he is engaged to her.  The song “Happier” was made because of an encounter he had with someone from his past. “Happier” the video was made with puppets instead of real people.

IH said, “Ed Sheeran is one of the best male singers in the world.”

TG commented, “I think his songs are nice.  My favorite song is “Shape of you.”

Ed Sheeran is a singer who does collaborations with other singers. His most recent one was “River.” The person who he sang with was Eminem. The song “River” was about a breakup.  Ed Sheeran has done some collaborations with Taylor Swift.  “Everything Has Changed” is about two kids who are friends and they go on adventures.  They sneak off in class and get into mischief!

LO said, “I think that Ed Sheeran is a good singer.”