The New TV Series “Knight Squad”


Have you ever heard of a TV series called “Knight Squad”?  It comes on Nickelodeon. “Knight Squad” comes on Monday through Saturday.

The characters’ names are Arc, Ciara, Sage, Buttercup, Warwick, Fizzwick, Prudence, Sir Garth, and The King of Astoria.  Ciara is a princess of Astoria, but with the power of her ring, she can disguise so she can go to Knight school.

When Ciara goes to Knight school, she becomes a member of the Phoenix Squad.  On the Phoenix Squad, there are these two teenagers named Warwick and Prudence.  They are two of Ciara’s friends.  There is also this guy named Arc, who is a drifter who cheats his way into Knight school and the Phoenix Squad. In newer episodes, Arc become’s Ciara’s friend.  Sage is Ciara’s enemy.  She is Ciara’s enemy because before Ciara came to Knight school, Sage was the best student in Knight school.  Sage is in the Kraken Squad.  Buttercup is Sage’s assistant.  She is funny and sweet. Ciara’s dad is The King of Astoria.

NK says, “Knight Squad is funny.”

LB says, “Knight Squad is funny because of its personality.”

CM says, “The funniest part is when they shove cake in someone’s face.”