Delicious Pizza


PELHAM, NY– Are you looking for a nice, yummy pizza? Well, Pelham Pizza is just right for you!

Pelham Pizza has a lot of different types of flavors. Here are some of the flavors: Plain Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage, Eggplant, Lasagna, Spinach, White, and Buffalo Chicken. Sicilian pizza is another option. It’s a thick slice of cheese pizza.

MR expressed, “Pelham Pizza is the best place on Earth!”

“My favorite pizza at Pelham Pizza is Pepperoni,” SG shared.

LC added, “I think Pelham Pizza has the best pizza in New York!”

If you like to watch people making pizza, there’s a place where you order, and you can watch the pizza being made!  You can also see all the different pizzas.

Pelham Pizza is great!