“Babysitters Club”

Babysitters Club

We are  going to go back in time to where The Babysitters Club book series blew up. The Babysitters Club is a club where three girls form a club and babysit. Two of the girls’ parents got a divorce. In the first book, another girl comes into the club. She has a secret.

MM says, “I loved The Babysitters Club because I wanted to start my own when I was little.”

CM added, “I like the The Babysitters Club because it was really funny and super cool.”

MB replied, “I think it’s a great book and it is interesting and cool to see what the kids do and say.”

A 4th book got finished in 2018 and it’s all about a girl named Dawn.  Dawn handles three kids and one can’t eat chocolate and that kid was a baby!  Whenever Dawn comes over, the house is always a mess.  But Dawn has some tricks up her hat.  Six minutes later, they are done cleaning. Three days later, one of the kids goes missing! One of the kid’s friends saw the boy walk into a stranger’s car. You need to read the book to find out what happens!