IN THEATERS EVERYWHERE– Have you seen the movie “Coco?”  It´s a new movie.  “Coco” came out in November.

“Coco” takes place on the Mexican and New Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos [Day of the Dead].

“I thought ‘Coco’ was a great Day of the Dead movie,” KS shared.

“My favorite part of ‘Coco’ was when the boy and the dog saw the ancestors,”  JS replied.

“Coco” is about a boy who goes to a place where all dead people go.  He needs to get back home, but he can’t.  The boy gets lost looking for his great-grandfather.  He finds him, but not knowing that it’s him.

”’Coco’ was a very good movie.  My favorite part was when he sang to his great grandma, Coco,”  CM said.

”My favorite part of ‘Coco’ was when the boy turns into a skeleton,” TG replied.