MOVIE THEATERS EVERYWHERE– “Moana” is out to theaters!

“Moana” is a fun, animated move about a demigod called Maui and a girl called Moana.  They set off on an expedition to find the lost spear, but they face a lot of problems, like Lava monsters and Moana needing to learn how to sail. “Moana” is the 3rd best movie in the US.

Milan Otondi says, “I like that part when the island is restored in the END!”

Sadie Ashlock says, “I really like the movie and my favorite part was when Maui and Moana restored the island in the end!”

I really like the part when they fight the Kakamora.

Nora Maguire says, “I really like when Moana tries to go over the reef.”

Lucy Ow says, “I really like when Maui jokes around.”

In the end, everyone knows that “Moana” is a fun, animated film!