Halloween Parade!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– On Halloween, Hutchinson School went on a parade!  Everybody was wearing creepy or spooky Halloween costumes!

We all started at the back door field and went in a circle!  First of all, it was a big disaster! Not everybody was lined up and, everybody was scattered everywhere!

Dusha Karaqi says, “It was fun and creative!”

Serafina Lavallee says, “I like that the whole school is together celebrating Halloween, and we are all in our costumes!”

Taya Senerchia shares, “I think its fun and I enjoy seeing everyone dressed up in costumes!”

In 4th grade, all the fourth grade teachers were wearing seasons! Mrs. Sider was autumn, Mrs. Lanza was winter, Mrs. Morrissey was spring, and Ms. Buzin was summer!

Halloween parades are always a kicker to an awesome day!