The New Coding Enrichment!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL–  This year, Hutchinson School started a coding enrichment. It is going to be really fun. You can learn and do a lot of things. In this enrichment, you can work on something with someone in another country (maybe even in another continent)! These are some things you can learn and do in this enrichment: You can learn to hack, code,  play games and code with people all around the world!

I think the enrichment is amazing. I am also the only 3rd grader there. We use websites like Scratch and Level Up Village (Level Up Village can also be known as LUV). We are working with people in Pakistan. It is very fun making videos and watching the videos they made.

Renee Ai says, “I think that the enrichment will be very fun, but I can’t join it because I have ballet and other things. I would join it if I could.”

Serafina Lavallee says, “I think it would be very cool to do it, because you get to make your own games and stuff, but I am not in it.”

We are continuing our lessons with our teacher, Ms. Hudson. We have 4 more weeks until the club ends.