“Austin & Ally”


Have you ever watched the TV show on Disney Channel called “Austin & Ally”?

Well if you haven’t, you should because it’s a very funny and a fun to watch on TV.

“Austin & Ally”is about four friends that met each other at Ally’s dad’s store (Sonic Boom).  The four friends’ names are Austin, Ally, Trish and Dez. Dez meets Ally and Trish because of Sonic Boom and school. By the way, Trish and Ally were friends before they met Dez.  Then Trish says, “Super stars don’t just pop out of the door!”  Then, that’s when Austin comes in, and then they are all best friends.

Austin gets famous through Trish because she is Austin’s manager.  That’s long and that is only one episode!

3rd grader Giana Pizzutiello said, “It is a very fun show.”

1st grader Sophia Pizzutiello said, “My favorite character is Ally.”

If you have nothing else to do, you should watch “Austin & Ally”!! 🙂