4th Grade Field Trip to Philipsburg Manor


SLEEPY HOLLOW, NY– On Friday, May 10th, 2019, 4th grade went on a field trip to the historic Philipsburg Manor!

Lots of things were done there in the past 100 years. People who went on the field trip got to do some of those things! Some things they did were crushing corn, crushing wheat, making medicine, and touring an old house.

“I liked all the activities, but my favorite one was crushing the wheat [to get the seeds out],” MB explained.

“If I went to the Philisburg Manor, I would ride a horse,” CC answered.

“If I went there, I would look at the animals if they are still alive,” JS claimed.

Many people haven’t gone, but some people have and have enjoyed it. If you ever go,even if you already went, have a good time and learn something new!