The Stamford Museum & Nature Center

STAMFORD, CT– The Stamford Museum & Nature Center is a petting zoo, a museum, a park, an auditorium, and a hiking trail.  There are so many things to learn there!

The petting zoo part includes cows, bulls, llamas, goats, horses, pigs, and otters. The museum is really cool because almost straight when you walk in, you see cool old guitars.  Also one of the guitars has a armadillo on the back.

JRS says, “I like how you get to see animals that you never get to see.”

AB says, “It’s beautiful, scenic, and full of nature.”

The hiking trails are cool because you have to look around at nature to find the next red, yellow, or green circle on a tree. In fact there are no pathways, just nature, and that is what makes it so cool!

That is why you should go to Stamford  Museum & Nature Center.