The 5th Graders’ BBQ!


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL FIELD–Today on June 11, 2014, the 5th graders are having a BBQ outside. All the 5th graders are happy for the BBQ.

Because all the 5th graders have learned so many things in school, the teachers thought we deserved to have a BBQ.  It was SO, So SO, much fun! We had snow-cones, and Stevie’s dad made us really good homemade pizza.  There was jelly pizza, hamburger pizza, and spicy pizza.

The best part was the bouncy house. All the 5th graders went to the bouncy house and had a snow-cone.

Ella Burns said, “The BBQ was the best time ever!”

Dianna Prenka said, “The BBQ was great because it had so, so, so many things!”

Gracie DaProcida said, “I had so much fun at the BBQ!”

All the 5th graders had so much fun. Then it was time to go home.  When you are a 5th grader, you will do the same thing that we did this year.