The Upcoming Spring

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The winter season is almost over! Do I hear no more snow? Yes, Spring is almost here! Everyone is so excited  that spring is just around the corner.  Some kids don’t want snow because they want to go outside and play in great weather. Spring is a season where you get to smell the fresh, colorful flowers. We can also embrace the warmer weather.

Cristina Stefanizzi said, “I love spring. It is an amazing season.  The reason why I love spring is because it is a season filled with beautiful flowers.”

Spring is a season where there is a lot of rain, so flowers can grow and then bloom. When it is Spring the air is fresh and the flowers have a delightful fragrance.   When asked why she likes the Spring, Cristina responded, “What I love about Spring is how the flowers grow and bloom with the fresh water from the rain and the fresh air. My favorite flower is the rose.  I love its color and fragrance.  I am so glad Spring is on its way, and is only a few days away!” 

You hear that, folks? Spring is on its way! Have a great Spring and enjoy this beautiful weather!