“Top Chef Junior”


TOP CHEF JR, STUDIO, NEW YORK — If you watch “Top Chef”, you won’t believe when I say that the creators of “Top Chef” made a TV show called “Top Chef Junior”.

“Top Chef Junior” is where 12 kids battle it out to get the title of Top Chef Junior. The kids have to work under a timer. When the timer runs out, the kids have to present their dish to the judges. Whoever makes the judges’ least favorite dish will be eliminated. The thing is, there are jars that either have the word “safe” or “eliminated.” There are 4 “safes” and the rest are “outs”. These kids are unbelievable! If you watch the show, you will understand.

TG said, “‘Top Chef Jr.’ is fun to watch and is really cool.”

SG thinks, “‘Top Chef Jr.’ is about kids competing to cook and to win the show.”

AL expressed, “I think ‘Top Chef Jr.’ is about kids cooking.”

MB shared, “I think ‘Top Chef Jr.’  is about chefs.”

JS answered, “I think ‘Top Chef Jr.’ is fun to watch. It gives you recipes and ideas. My favorite character is Curtis Stone.”

In ‘Top Chef Jr.’, kids from all around the world come to compete for the title of Top Chef Jr.  So if you like to cook and you are allowed to use the oven, then look no further than “Top Chef Jr.”