Mrs. Lanza’s New Baby!


GREENWICH HOSPITAL–  We have some exciting news. Mrs. Lanza had a baby! What gender, you ask? It is a boy!

Matthew Nicholas Lanza was born on November 30, 2017.  He weighed 6 pounds and 5 oz. Class 4L is thrilled!  We are so excited for Mrs. Lanza and her husband, Matt.

N.S. shared, “I am so excited Mrs. Lanza had a baby and I  think it is so cool.”

K.S. replied, “I think Mrs. Lanza having her baby is very exciting!”

D.L. commented, “I think that is really cool that Mrs. Lanza had a baby!”

Ms. Buzin said, “I am very excited for Mrs. Lanza and her husband.  I really enjoyed celebrating her baby shower with all the other teachers.”

Sadly, Mrs. Lanza will be out for quite some time with Matthew. Mrs. Lanza will be back around March 11.  Until then, 4L will have a very sweet sub called Mrs. Buehrer. 4L is upset Mrs. Lanza is not here, but happy she is with her baby.

We wish Mrs. Lanza, Matt and little Matty all the best.