Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day

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WORLDWIDE– On Mother’s Day (which was on May 14), you celebrate your mother.  I made eggs, toast and coffee in bed for my mother.  What did you do?

I made a gluten-free ice cream. We made this day very special.

Natalia Sujica thinks, “It’s really awesome because you get to thank your mother for everything.”

Sarafina Lavallee says, “I like that there is a day about your mother.”

Madelyne De Jesus added, “Mother’s Day is a day that you can show that you appreciate your mother.”

If you don’t have a mother, you can make something for your grandma or aunt.

How would you end the day with your mom?

Taya Senchia stated, “I think its a fun day to spend with your mom.”

Lucy Ow said, “I would end the day with a hug.”

Hopefully you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!