WORLDWIDE- Hanukkah is a fun holiday! It is celebrated for eight nights.

You celebrate for eight nights to remember the miracle that just a little oil lasted for eight nights. I like to play a game called dreidl. Hanukkah is usually celebrated in December. There are many ways to celebrate Hanukkah.

Taya Senerchia says, “Hanukkah is an interesting holiday to learn about.”

Sadie Ashlock says, “Hanukkah is fun.”

Olivia Medrano says, “It would be fun to light a candle every night.”

Ms. Buzin says, “I love to light the menorah!”

Here are some foods we eat on Hanukkah. We eat latkes [potato pancakes], brisket and gelt.

The last thing I want to tell you there is a dance called the hora [I never did it]. That is all.  I hope you learned something.