Fall Features


Fall just began and I am so excited, so let’s go see what people are doing.

Fall is really fun because you get to rake up leaves and jump in them. But also it isn’t chilly, so you can still play outside with some friends and play soccer , football, tag, and all sorts of games.

Chloe Castro says, “I love fall because it is so fun.”

Rachael Janos says, “I love fall because my parents rake up leaves and I jump in them.”

Fall is probably the best season when it comes to apple picking and pumpkin picking. You get to carve the pumpkins and turn them into jack o’lanterns.  Leaves change colors, and the way they turn out is so pretty.  I love the reddish-orange. There are also fall breezes that “blow me away.”

Jackie Pennetta says, “I love fall because of the breezes.”

Giana Pizzutiello says, “I love how the leaves change color.”