“Ever After High: Spring Unsprung”


After Briar Beauty dropped the real “Storybook of Legends” down the well, it disappeared into Wonderland. What will become of it now?

Lizzie Hearts, Kitty Chesire, and Madeline Hatter were recently transferred to Ever After High from Wonderland High, fleeing from the Evil Queen’s dark magic. However, Alistar Wonderland, son of Alice in Wonderland, and Bunny Blanc, daughter of the White Rabbit, didn’t make it. Now it’s up to Raven Queen, Apple White, and all the others to save them, and the Storybook of Legends.

I ask people if they are excited for the movie.

“Yes I am,” Esme Navarro says.

“I cannot wait to see it,” Julia Scotto reports.

In the trailer, friends are not who they seem to be. Apple White, fairest of them all, name-calls Raven Queen and Holly O’Hair, while Cedar Wood tells a lie, and one girl must face her destiny- and her mother: Kitty Chesire. Her mother freezes the Spring Festival, and now it’s up to her and her friends- new and old- to save the land of Ever After from her mother. This movie will be available on February 6th.

I’m super excited for “Spring Unsprung!”  Are you?