Looming it Up!


I’m bringing Rainbow Loom back!

Rainbow Loom  has rubber bands that  you put together that twist and turn to make jewelry.  Rainbow Loom is a nice way to express yourself  with rubber bands!  I love Loom because it’s so much fun.  I feel Loom will be more popular  soon.

Fifth grader Diana Surillo says, “It’s good and fun!”

Fifth grader Ann Liu says,  “It’s fun, expressive, and cool!  Rainbow Loom is a plastic toy that you make bracelets with!”

Fifth grader Amber Bly says, “It’s really, really happy!”`

Third grader Jewel Dalley says, “I hate Rainbow Loom.”

Fifth grader Ann Liu should know all about it, because she has some Loom on her glasses.  Cute, right?

But remember, Rainbow Loom has more possibilities to unfold…Can you find them?