Stop Bullying! Stop Bullying!  We are here to talk about bullying!

BULLYING is very bad.  If you or someone else is  getting bullied, tell a teacher or an adult immediately. This doesn’t mean you being a tattle-tale; it means you’re helping someone and helping to end bullying.

This problem is going on around the world.  People are being bullied, and some people are the bullies. This is not good. We need to help change the world.  We need to fight back with words, not violence. Punching and kicking are not the ways to stand up for yourself — they will only make it worse. So don’t fight; use your words.

For example, if a bully wants lunch money you could say, “No, I will not give you my lunch money!  This for me to eat, not for you.  I’m sorry if you don’t have lunch money, but this is mine, so you have to get your own.” Please, people all around the world, stop bullying now so we can live a nice life!

Fifth grader, Augie Brightman, says, “I think its rude and bad to be a bully.”

Esme  Navarro says, “Bullying is wrong!”

Fourth grader, Ava Paolucci says, “I don’t think it makes other people feel good.”

This is how I would stop bullying — How would you ?