Fall Fun


Fall is a great time of year.

The leaves change color and it is the best time for family photos. A lot of people like to enjoy Fall because there is Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, and Halloween. Some people like fall because it starts to get cold and maybe snow, so you can curl up with a blanket with some hot chocolate and relax.

Some people think the bad part about Autumn is you have to say goodbye to summer. But then comes winter and you can play in the snow, and then two seasons after that there is summer again.

NN commented, “I like Fall because my birthday is in Fall.”

CW said, “I don’t like fall because it rains too much.”

Also if you are still not convinced, you will just have to trust with every part of your heart and love three months in Autumn, and then it’s Winter and then Spring and then Summer, so it is not going to be so bad.