The Science Fair


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Third, fourth, and fifth graders are creating science projects!

The third graders are inventing electricity circuits, the fourth graders are inventing simple machines, and the fifth graders are inventing inventions.  The fifth graders are having their Invention Convention for the Science Fair.

Alert! Alert! You are not allowed to touch anything that the students made, because that the students worked hard on their projects and they put a lot of effort into them, so do not touch anything. You can see with your eyes, but don’t touch with your hands.

Ava Paolucci, fourth grader, says “Well, fourth graders are doing simple machines, and I’m doing a wheelbarrow.”

Jackie Pennetta, third grader, says, “I’m excited for it because I have my science fair project already done, and I want to make people understand how electricity works.”

Everybody is excited for the science fair because the students want to show and present their projects, what purpose they invented them for, and how they work.

Come to the science fair and see what your kids have been working on, and what they invented.