Soccer Everywhere

PELHAM, NY– Pelham travel soccer tryouts were on  Friday, June 3rd and are today, June 8th at 4:45 pm.

There are different amounts of teams you can make, depending on how many people try out. All you do at the tryouts is scrimmage (play a small soccer game).

Jewel Dalley voiced, “Soccer has to do with a lot of running and building up your self-esteem. If I were to try out for soccer, I think I would be on the B team.”

Ava Paolucci claimed, “I like travel soccer because you get to go to different places, and I like it when you run up the field with the ball.”

When you try out, you get a number. The trainers see how good you are. You can either make the A, B, or C team, and sometimes the D team.

Klea Gjeloshi commented, “Even though I don’t play travel soccer, I want to make a team.”