Hoop it Up at Hutch


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL GYM–  After school Hoop it Up basketball is fun because students learn new basketball skills and then do what they want to do. It is on Thursdays at the new Hutchinson Elementary School gym. Each session is ten weeks long.

Hoop it Up is for students in kindergarten through third grades. They are put into two groups. Kindergarteners and first graders play together. Second graders and third graders play together.

F.C. said, “Free time is my favorite part of after school basketball because you can do whatever you want to do.” Also, F.C. learned how to do a layup!

Many kids learned new things. They learned layups, dribbling the ball, jump shots, and three point shots. They also practiced working as a team. All the kids got to make new friends and have a lot of fun.

Students have learned a lot during this session of Hoop it Up after school basketball. They cannot wait to use their new skills on the court!