Rugby at Prospect Hill School


PROSPECT HILL SCHOOL, PELHAM, NY– This is rugby. It is an awesome sport.  Recently, there were rugby tryouts for all the kids in Pelham at Prospect Hill.

At the tryouts, many  Pelham students came even students from other schools zones. It brings everyone together!

F.C said, “I would rate it an 8.  I also scored a couple of tries, like 3 or 2.”

Rugby has awesome things to do. For example, you have to put the ball on the ground to make a try, and you have to throw the rugby ball sideways. A try is 5 points.  A try is like a touchdown in football.

In Rugby you can play with a lot of people. People debate whether football is better than rugby or if rugby is better than football.

B.R., who thinks rugby is better than football, said, ”Rugby is definitely better! Rugby has been played for almost 200 years now, or maybe even longer!”

Rugby is the best sport!