A Big Storm



Look out, there’s another storm coming!  That means a lot of rain and wind.

The name of this hurricane is going to be Joaquin.  Since 1979, there have been over 53 hurricanes.  In 2005, there was a hurricane named Wilma and a hurricane in 2008 named Ike.

6th grader Samantha Janos [my sister] said,”I would name a hurricane Sophia. While in a hurricane, I would run outside in the rain.”

My mom, Karen Janos said,”I would name a hurricane Pamela. While in a hurricane, I make sure we have food and water.”

In a hurricane, sometimes the electricity goes out.  During a hurricane, you can do a ton of things like playing a board game, running outside in the rain, and anything you can think of.

I would name a hurricane Stella.

So, stay safe and think about what you can do during a hurricane to still have fun.  Also don’t go to the beach unless you want a ton of sand blown in your face!