Super Bowl 54!


USA–Every year on the first Sunday of February, the top two teams in the NFL play against each other.

This year The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers were the two teams that played in Super Bowl 54. This year a lot of people were cheering for the Chiefs. This year within the last 10 minutes, they scored over ten points and won Super Bowl¬† 54. At the end, 24 year-old Patrick Mahomes became MVP Super Bowl 54. Everyone knew that Patrick was the Chiefs’ strongest player.

N.N. says, “I thought the San Francisco 49ers would win. There were 10 minutes left and the Chiefs won by 10 points at the end, and I wanted San Francisco to win.”

S.R. noted, “My favorite part was in the halftime show when Shakira was dancing.”

Super Bowl 54 was awesome and you can see Super Bowl 55 next year.