Icahn Cheerleading

Icahn Charter School 7–  On Mondays, there are is an after school program: The team of Icahn Cheer.

From chants and cheers to stunts and jumps, the cheerleaders work hard to perfect their moves. Participants do shoulder sits, thigh stands, and pyramids. In about a week, the team will perform at Field Day. Then the week after that, at the Kindergarten Graduation!

“My cheerleading girls are like a second family!” exclaimed J.B.

“Cheerleading is like a sorority. As sisters, we gotta stick together,” commented A.O.

“Cheerleading isn’t for competition. It’s just for fun and that’s all that matters,” shared J.C.

The shoulder sits stunt is when people sit on other people’s shoulders. (These people are called flyers.) Then they are lifted up and do cheers in the air. Then are safely brought to the ground.

Outfits? Pom-poms? We have it all. Go Icahn!

Cheerleading is about fun, but you have to work hard. It’s a balance that’s not too hard to keep. Cheerleading: Cheer. Dance. Laugh!