5th Graders Take a Tour of Pelham Middle School!


PELHAM MIDDLE SCHOOL– The Middle School is a busy school!  The Hutchinson 5th grade went on the tour at the Middle School because next year we are going to Middle School!

We had the guidance counselors take us around and talk about the middle school. They first took us to the lunchroom to eat their homemade cookies!

Next we went to see the gym, and it was the biggest gym ever!   The students looked like they were having fun there.

After that, we went to see a class on the 6th grade floor. We went to Mrs. Weyant’s Language Arts class.  Mrs. Weyant asked her students some questions.   For example, she asked the students how they felt at the beginning year when they first started middle school.  Some of the students said they had been afraid, excited, sad, and all kinds of different emotions.

Then it was time to finish our tour.  It was so much fun at the Middle School!

Fifth graders Alyssa Purcea and Ella Burns say, “We are happy to go to middle school next year!”