Girl Scouts


PELHAM, NY– Girl Scouts are proud to be helpful, confident, and exciting girls who help out their community to make the world a more peaceful place.

When girls become Girl Scouts, they become more excited to help others and understand each other. The younger kids become Girl Scouts or Cub Scouts (boys); the earlier they learn to respect one another and improve the community, the better. There are many Girls Scouts in Pelham, but only a few answered my questions.

Patty Pfeiffer, a fifth grader, was one of those Girls Scouts and was enjoyable to watch. Patty said, “Being a Girl Scout was so much fun, especially when I got to sell cookies and fill out people’s orders.”   After being asked about her badges, Patty said, “My troop doesn’t have any badges yet, but they are coming and we are getting them at our next meeting. I can’t wait!”

The Scouts  are getting crafting badges and cooking badges. Patty loves being a Girl Scout because of all the activities her troop does, and she likes being with the girls in her troop. Their troop leader is Maureen Pfeiffer, A.K.A. Patty’s mom.

Now that I learned what Girl Scouts do, I am somewhat of an expert about it and I’m glad; everyone should be a helpful person to our community!