Fashion World

Fashion World

What’s up everybody?  This is Trendy Girl 101, A.K.A Queen of Fashion. We are going to talk about the latest fashion and what’s in and out.

This fall’s fashion is going be silk scarves and printed leggings, with Uggs and a crop top. So look out, ladies, for this seasons latest fall fashions!

“I  prefer leather over plaid,” says 5th grader Esme Navarro.

“Do you make clothes, or make them look good?” I asked my teacher.

“I make them look good!” says Ms. Soccodato.

If you’re looking for something to carry around the mall or city, I would recommend cross body bags. They are so tres chic.

This is Trendy Girl 101, A.K.A Queen of Fashion. I’ll see you next week with the latest trends!