VIP Pass

VIP Pass

“Money can’t buy you happiness.”

WORLD WIDE– All these virtual world games like Movie Star Planet, Fantage, and Club Penguin require membership to buy or access most of the following features:


  • all pretty things
  • all cool things
  • all fun things
  • etc.

Games & Chat rooms:

  • VIP clubs
  • VIP game rooms
  • etc.

Here is one virtual world gamer’s opinion (Nadia Nitollano):

“I don’t like websites that require membership because I feel  game should be free.  Also, I think they overprice the payment for membership…. I mean, who wants to pay $80 for only a year of membership?  It should be free anyway.  Plus, the non-VIP people barely have anything to do or buy… it’s not fair that I can’t do a lot of things because my parents won’t buy the membership.  If I were the director of the game, I would take a vote from EVERYONE to see if membership is fair.”

Remember, this is only one gamer’s opinion, so now you can comment YOURS!!!