5th Grade Philadelphia Trip


PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA– Just recently, on May 15th, all three 5th grade classes attended the Philadelphia trip, hometown of Benjamin Franklin and other various historical figures imposing in the Revolutionary War.

The first event was visiting Benjamin Franklin’s grave and burial place, which was scattered with a numerous sum of pennies and such other coins. Then we glimpsed a tremendous bust of Ben’s head, which was imprinted with keys. The reason why it was imprinted with keys was because the maker of the bust requested old or slightly used keys to mobilize into the statue.

Next, we entered a fascinating museum. There was an intriguing picture that showed the founding fathers writing a document called the “Declaration of Independence.”

Additionally, we went to three other museums. The most interesting one we thought was Constitution Hall. The best part was when the 5th graders watched a video about the Revolutionary War, and then visited a gallery of statues posing as historical figures.

Last of all, we replenished our nourishment by eating at the Hard Rock Cafe, which served a variety of scrumptious foods. We hope that next year’s fifth graders will be excited for Philadelphia!