4th Grade Revolutionary War Books


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– The fourth graders are making books about the Revolutionary War.

You have to choose one topic about the Revolutionary War. You could choose a spy, George Washington, the Declaration of Independence, one of the mini “wars” that happened, and more! You have to chose 3 questions about the topic that you would like to answer.

“I think it’s fun to write the books because we get to choose our own topics about the Revolutionary War and be more independent,” MB explains.

“I’m nervous and excited to write the books next year when I’m in fourth grade, because I don’t really like wars or long essays,” JS stated.

Writing the books is actually very fun. You get to write, look things up, and share them with writing partners. You get to choose your own questions about the topic. If you haven’t done it yet, do a draft of it about what topic you might want do. Have fun!