The Pelham Music Festival


THE PELHAM COUNTRY CLUB– Every musical piece was practiced for weeks, and there’s no better way to share them than the Pelham Music Festival.

The Pelham Music Festival is split into sections, each starting and/or ending with that grade’s band or orchestra performance. Also, at the end of each session, music teachers or moms played instruments, too.

“My favorite part of the Pelham Music Festival was playing with all of the schools and meeting new kids,” KS remembers.

During this year’s festival, there was a special appearance of the Chinese instrument, the guzheng, which had never before been played at the Pelham Music Festival. Also, there was a new team this year, consisting of Rose Horley, Colleen Maiberger, Babak Rassi, Josh Wallach, Ellen Weiss, Tom White, and Paula Wood.

The Pelham Music Festival makes music something to celebrate!