Math: miracle or mischief?

Math: miracle or mischief?


As we all know, the TESTS are upon us! Kids are either nervous or excited. UH Oh! There it goes! Ella Burns thinks they’re going to be HARD!

90 minutes later…

What a relief– Book 1 is over, FINALLY!!! But tomorrow is another day.

Now let’s see what Ms. Burns (Ella) has to say. “Whoa, that was easier than I thought it would be! But I wonder, how easy is tomorrow’s part going to be?”

I agreed, I thought it was pretty easy, too easy! Maybe the test-takers are just trying to get under our skin so we lose focus. But I guess it’s up to us: Will the anxiety of the test prep influence us or not? Well I guess the war has begun… TEST-MAKERS vs. TEST-TAKERS– who will win the battle of math knowledge?! Comment down below: Who do you think will win this year’s mind fights?