Mrs. Ruprich

Mrs. Ruprich

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– In Hutchinson Elementary School, there is a new teacher named Mrs. Ruprich, who recently taught at Siwanoy. Now she teaches at Hutchinson Elementary for the third grade class 3Ru. Class 3Ru loves their teacher and thinks she is very nice.

Mrs. Ruprich’s favorite color is purple and she loves all types of pizza. Mrs. Ruprich’s class at Siwanoy was  1Ru and that class surely loved her as much as class 3Ru loves her.

N.N. says, “She is really nice, she never yells at us, and she is very funny.” 

M.S.B. says, “I really like how she teaches, and she is very nice and loving.” 

M.O. says, “I love Mrs. Ruprich! She always will help you when you need help, and never gets mad or frustrated.”

When teaching, Mrs. Ruprich always has a little sense of humor, but not too much. Mrs. Ruprich is always happy and is never sad because she likes to stay positive. Mrs. Ruprich is an awesome teacher and class 3Ru loves her.