Glaciers of the Gloshy Water

Glaciers of the Gloshy Water

magic treehouse

Chapter 1:  It’s Time

Jack was having a dream that he was on a glacier.  Annie woke him up.  She said, “I think it’s time to go to the treehouse!”

“What tree house?” said Mom.

“I lost my mind by saying tree house,” Annie said.

“I want to go on a walk with Annie”, said Jack.

They went to the tree house and there was Morgan LeFay.  “Where are we going?” Jack and Annie asked, at the same time.

“Italy,” said Morgan.

“Yes!” said Annie.

“No!” said Jack.

Morgan gave Jack a research book.  “I wish we could go there,” said Annie.

The wind started to blow.  The tree house started to spin.  It spun faster and faster.  Then everything went still, absolutely still!

Chapter 2:  This is Awesome!

Annie’s clothing had turned into a velvet shirt and velvet pants.  Jack’s clothing turned into fleece.  His bag turned into silk.  Annie climbed down the ladder.  She looked around.  “This is awesome!” she said.  Annie told Jack to come down.

Jack said, “Okay!” and came down.

Annie said, “Look at those mountains covered in snow!”

Jack looked in his research book.  He read out loud, “Mountains covered in snow are called glaciers.”

“Wow!” said Jack, “We should go there!”