Newspaper Club


Did you ever hear about newspaper club? Well, a lot of people like it.

Ava in 3R really likes writing for the Hutchinson Bear newspaper.  Ava is working on a story about the ELA tests.

Cristina from 3R says she also likes being a reporter.  She likes newspaper because it boosts up your vocabulary and for next year in fourth or fifth grade.  So, for next year, for the ELA, you will awesome for the writing part and multiple choice because of all the writing we do here!

Next, we interviewed Rebecca Jacobson from 5R.  She said she thinks the newspaper is a very good way for children to give their input, thoughts, and feelings into their newspaper articles.

Antoinette from 5Sa said newspaper is the most fun thing ever!

Sharon from 5R said, “I like newspaper because you can share stories and then see them published on the Internet.”