Valentines for Veterans

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Valentines for Veterans

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HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– We will make Valentines for the veterans who have served our nation!

We will make cards for the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, and more! We should make them happy because they were in wars. They were worried. They were probably even mad or sad! They should be happy, not nervously thinking of the war.

There are many veterans who have fought in the wars. A lot of them might have had bad experiences. It’s kind to give them cards and thank them for all the kind things they have done for us.

“I think that it is nice to make cards for them because they fought for our freedom. We should make cards for them in return,” NN explained.

“I think it’s nice for us to thank them for all they have done,” KS answered.

“I think we should thank them for fighting for us. They sacrificed their lives for our freedom,” JS noted.

The veterans worked hard to give us freedom. We’re lucky to have people who will fight for our freedom.

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