Habits of Mind Town Hall Meeting

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL— On January 8th, 2019, there was a Town Hall meeting about the Habits of Mind!

4M and 5S presented in the town hall meeting for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. These are the Habits of Mind: Persisting, Applying Past Knowledge, Managing Impulsivity, and Striving for Accuracy.

4M did one skit for each habit. After, some people stood up and said how they used one of the habits to learn a new skill. Next, 5S presented famous people who persisted. Last, we played Persistence Bingo.

“I loved how we got to play Persistence Bingo. It was fun!” MO exclaimed.

“I liked the Town Hall meeting because we got to play Persistence Bingo and learn about some famous people. It was fun,” MB shared.

“I liked sharing about the people who persisted,”  CB replied.

The Habits of Mind can help people learn inside of school and outside of school.

Persisting is when you don’t give up and try again. Managing Impulsivity is when you don’t call out and raise your hand. You stay focused. Applying Past Knowledge is when you use what you know while doing a new thing. Last of all, Striving for Accuracy is trying new strategies.

Now that you know what the Habits of Mind are and what they mean, use them to learn something new!