Third Grade Culture Project!

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– In December the third graders were told by their teachers to make a poster about a holiday from their culture.

The poster includes two paragraphs, two or more symbols, a world map showing where the country is, and the name of the country and holiday.

M.S.B. says, “I loved how we got to teach everyone about our own holiday from our specific country. I also loved how we got to make a lot of decorations on our posters and how we got to show our symbols.”

P.S. says, “I loved the part when we got to pick our holiday because there were so many to choose from.”

There were so many fun parts of this project, like when students got to draw symbols and research their countries. Everyone loved the project, and more projects are coming soon. So now when you walk down the hallway of Hutchinson Elementary, you will see the projects of the third grade.