Lake Placid


LAKE PLACID, NY– Some people went to Lake Placid and loved it!

Some people traveled to Upstate New York and stayed in one of the Lake Placid resorts for winter break. They went there to ski, sled, snowboard, and more!

One mountain didn’t have enough snow because it rained. The rain washed all the snow away, so the mountain was really icy. If a ski/snowboard trail is icy, it means that you will go fast.

“I snowboarded there. I did the trick run. It was cool,” RJ explained.

“I would like to go to Lake Placid. If I did, I would go skiing. I like skiing,” JS replied.

Lake Placid is a really fun place to go. There is many fun things to do. There are nice people who work there. Lake Placid is a nice place. People who have been there would recommend going to Lake Placid. People who haven’t been to Lake Placid should go! If you ever go, have a great time!

Have a great winter!