Interview of Mrs. Tarazi!


Ms. Hanafin is working closely with some second grade students to create a non-fiction book about Hutchinson School.  Just like true non-fiction authors, these students must conduct research and gather information before creating their book.

The book will focus on the history of the school, school traditions, teachers, student projects, and interesting facts about Hutchinson.  To find out more about Hutchinson and the history of the school, these students decided to interview our principal, Mrs. Tarazi!

We have included some questions and answers in this newsletter so that you may learn something new about Hutchinson, too!

How many years have you been the principal at Hutchinson?

I have been the principal of this school for eight years.

How did Hutchinson get its name?

The school is named after Anne Hutchinson.  She lived in the 1600s.  She had many children and wanted her children to learn and grow in a free, safe place.  While we do not think the land that the school is on was her home, she did live in this area!  You may also notice her name when you are driving on the highway alongside the school!

Why is our mascot a bear?

The school rules, named the B.E.A.R. rules, represent the ideals and expectations for everyone in our school.  The rules are an acronym for the word “Bear” which is our mascot.  The rules are as follows: Be safe, Eager to learn, Act responsibly, and Respect others.

How many students graduated from Hutchinson?

There are about sixty-five students in each fifth grade class.  The present school building was first built about 100 years ago.  If we were to guess, about 6,500 students have graduated from Hutchinson Elementary School!

Why are there so many flags in the gym?

Each flag in the gym represents the heritage of a family at Hutchinson.   Each time a new student moves to Hutchinson, a flag is added to represent their nationality.

Why is there a Kindergarten Snowball?

The Snowball is a series of dances that the Kindergarten students learn.  This dance promotes friendship and is a tradition at Hutchinson School.  It was started by Ms. Ilustrato.

How do Bear Tickets help our students?

They help students to be their best self.  Students feel great and proud when they receive a bear ticket.  The bear tickets encourage students to keep doing the right thing!