A Fourth Grade In-School Field Trip


HUTCHINSON SCHOOL– Kids in fourth grade had an in-school field trip about the American Indians.

The fourth graders watched a movie about the American Indians.  Then the fourth graders played games that the American Indians played.  One of the games was Ring and Pin. You have a stick, string, and big wooden rings.  You try to get the rings on the stick.

“I thought it was really fun to learn how the American Indians lived,” LC shared.

KS commented, “My favorite part was playing the American Indian games.”

Another thing the fourth graders did was saw different tools the Indians used.  Also they chose students who they thought would be good leaders.  The boys sat together and the girls sat together in each class.  Each group chose leaders.  Lastly, the fourth graders made coil pots.

“It was really fun and interesting,” SP voiced.

The in-school field trip was really fun!