Sun, Moon, and Earth

Sun, Moon, and Earth

HUTCHINSON SCHOOL FOURTH GRADE CLASSROOMS— Fourth graders are learning about the Sun, Moon, and Earth in school!

We are learning about why we see different phases of the Moon, why we have seasons, why we only see one side of the Moon, and more! Learning about the Sun, Moon, and Earth is actually very fun!

Did you know that the Sun is actually a star? You might be surprised. Why is it so big? The Sun is our closest star. Why do you see it at daytime? Stars don’t go away at night. They are still there, but you cannot see them with all the light. The sun is so close that we see it during the daytime.

“I like it because it’s interesting.  It’s interesting because the Moon and Sun are very cool, and it’s cool how they help each other,” described MB.

“The Moon orbits the Earth. Did you know that?” JS asked.

“I loved learning about why we have seasons, and how the Moon and Earth orbit,” replied KS.

Did you know that the light on the Moon is created by the Sun? It always shines on the Moon’s dusty surface. It is cool how there is dust on the Moon.